20 Amazing tips to pass NEBOSH IGC examination

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NEBOSH is one of the most globally recognized certification in Health and safety. If you are to develop a career in Health and safety, NEBOSH IGC (International general certificate) certificate is a must for you. Most people have attempted the NEBOSH IGC examination without success, this article “20 amazing tips to pass NEBOSH exams” is targeting candidates that has experienced failure in the exams previously, candidate that are about writing the exams, and all prospective Health and safety professionals.

  1. Create an inspiration. Without a good inspiration, you may find it difficult to persevere and be patient while preparing. What you tend to achieve by acquiring the NEBOSH IGC certificate should be your greatest inspiration. This will help you not to give up even when the preparation is getting so tedious.
  2. Join a NEBOSH examination provider with a good candidate support. Personally, I registered with atmsafety.org.uktheir candidate support was commendable. These examination providers support team will guide you on what you need to be successful in the examination. Their supports could include: How to answer each question, what the examiners needs, Will provide review question to serve as a preparation guide, Will give you sample questions and score your answers with recommendation.
  3. Draw out a reading plan. Passing NEBOSH IGC exams requires hard work. Schedule your time appropriately to cover your syllabus before entering into the exams hall. This will give you the much-needed confidence.
  4. Start preparation early so that you will have time to assimilate each module appropriately. Reading in a hurry will make you lose lots of information.
  5. Prepare a revision note. You cannot go through the whole study material again during revision. So your revision note will serve you during the revision process.
  6. Avoid cramming. Try to understand the principle surrounding every module during your study.
  7. Create a visual map. After completing every module, try to visualize very thing you have read. This will help you create a link between every bit of information captured in the module.
  8. Make use of NEBOSH review questions and answers to test your level of preparedness. Answer each question independently, before comparing your answer with the expected answer. See NEBOSH revision guide; questions and answers.
  9. Do not hurry into writing the exams. If you are not well prepared, suspend writing the exams till the next exams date.
  10. During the exams, avoid distraction as much as possible. If you are sitting with someone who is distracting you, draw the attention of the examiner. Distraction can rob you of the limited time and important ideas.
  11. Passing IGC 1 (Health and safety management system) needs a good grasp of the Health and Safety management system. Understanding the elements of the management system is very important.
  12. IGC 2 (Workplace hazard and control) always require practical based answers. What is required is what you would do if you were the Health and Safety personnel on site where such hazard/risk presents itself.
  13. Make use of Mnemonics. Mnemonics can aid in remembering. Mnemonics could be set of acronyms which explain a wide context. Make sure your acronyms are simple and easy to remember. Do not use conflicting acronyms; one acronym representing different information. You may get confused  by doing so.
  14. Learn and understand the command word in every question.
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  • Define − Provide a generally accepted definition.
  • Describe − Give a detailed word picture.
  • Explain − Give a clear account of, or reasons for.
  • Give − Provide without explanation.
  • Identify − Select and name.
  • Outline − Give the most important features (less depth than either ‘explain’ or ‘describe’ but more depth than ‘list’)
  • State − A less demanding form of ‘define’ or where there is no generally accepted definition.

The strength of the command word in each question will determine the depth of the answer to be provided.

15.Make sure you sought out all your administrative and registration issues before the day of the exams as much as possible.

16. If you do not know the exams venue, locate it before the exams of the exams.

17.Get to the exams venue on time. Get settled and be sober.

18. Be confident. Do not allow anyone or any situations make you to lose your confidence. You may not do too well in IGC 1, but still keep your confidence intact. You still have IGC 2 to correct some blunders you made in IGC 1. Without that you may end up passing IGC 1, but fail IGC 2 because of lost of confidence.

19. Do not spend too much time on any question. Use the command word that comes with every question to determine the expected depth of your answer.

20. Attempt every question. NEBOSH do not use negative marking system, so you will not be penalized for answering a question wrongly. Every question you skip; you have lost the whole mark that accompanies the question. So make an attempt on every question, because you may gather some very important marks that could guarantee your passing the exams.

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